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  [Customer Appreciation Sales Event] ~2013.12.31까지 진행 400여개의 small molecule inhibitors 30% 할인 .
  [Bioclone & Biolegend] 2013년 추계면역학회 Booth 참여 (the 2013 Fall Conference of the Korean Association of Immunologists which is going to be held in Sejong University Convention Center, Seoul, Korea on November 7 ~ 8, 2013.) .
  [ Abiocode ] Antibody 1+1 행사 ~2013.12.31일까지.
  특별 할인 판매!! G-418 Sulfate, MG-132, Proteinase K!!.
  [Biolegend] 30% 할인.
  [ Oxford Genetics ] DNA Plasmid Vector 2+1 행사 !! Genetic engineering is used in thousands of laboratories around the world. Given its scientific and commercial importance it is remarkable that cloning strategies for many of the popular DNA components are not standardised. Our aim at Oxford Genetics was to engineer a DNA plasmid system that could accommodate most of the functional DNA inserts t....
  분무기 선착순 증정 .
  G-418, MG-132, Proteinase K Sale!!.
  Biolegend 제품 주문하신 모든분에게 스타벅스 카페라떼 기프티콘 증정[Biolegend] .
  Biolegend의 ELISA 전품목 할인 (기간: 4월 1일~ 5월 31일) 2 + 1 free 또는 30% 할인 # LEGEND MAX™ # ELISA MAX™ Deluxe # ELISA MAX™ Standard Unique first to market content: LEGEND MAX™ Free Active TGF-β1, LEGEND MAX™ Human LAP, LEGEND MAX™ Human Active MIF, Human IL-32α ELISA MAX™ Deluxe. .
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