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At BioLegend, we have a variety of protocol resources to make it easy to use our products and aid in reproducibility. On our technical protocols webpage, we share our protocols for a wide variety of applications including flow cytometry, microscopy, ELISA, cell separation, and more. In addition, we link the relevant protocols for each product on its web Technical Data Sheet. We also post our protocols on protocols.io, an interactive website where you can edit, share, and ask questions about procedures.

Contact our technical service team to get help with any of our protocols!

In addition to our written protocols, we are always adding new videos to help demonstrate each step for visual learners. Check out the videos below or view our video library for a complete list!

Watch our MojoSort™ protocol video to learn how to perform positive or negative magnetic separation using our MojoSort™ products.

Learn how to use our Go-ChIP-Grade™ validated antibodies and column-based kit for a quicker, easier, and more efficient assay in our ChIP protocol video!
Need a demonstration of the laboratory portion of the LEGENDplex™ protocol? We published a peer-reviewed article complete with a protocol video in the Journal of Visualized Experiments. View the complete article.

We've developed a list of recommendations for preparing an Authentication Plan to fulfill NIH guidelines for rigor and reproducibility. Learn more about these recommendations and how we ensure that our products meet reproducibility requirements on our Reproducibility and Validation webpage.

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