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[Biolegend ѱ븮] Human Recombinant Protein
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Recombinant Proteins


  •    95% pure.
  •    Validated in-house through bioassays to ensure reproducibility and activity.
  •    Biologically active and compare favorably against competitors' products.
  •    Endotoxin tested to ensure compatibility with biological systems.
  •    Stability tested.
  •    Competitively priced.
  •    Discounted for bulk orders.

Human Recombinant Protein Best Seller

DescriptionCat No.Size
Recombinant Human GM-CSF (carrier-free) 57290210 µg
amino acids Ala18- Glu144 (Accession# NM_000758)57290425 µg
E. coli. 572906100 µg
572908500 µg
Recombinant Human IFN- (carrier-free) 57020210 µg
amino acids Gln24-Gln166 (Accession # NM_000619)57020425 µg
E. coli. 570206100 µg
570208500 µg
Recombinant Human IL-2 (carrier-free) 58910210 µg
amino acids Ala21-Thr153 (Accession # NM_000586)58910425 µg
insect cells589106100 µg
589108500 µg
Recombinant Human IL-4 (carrier-free) 57400210 µg
amino acids His25-Ser153 (Accession# NM_000589)57400425 µg
E. coli. 574006100 µg
574008500 µg
Recombinant Human IL-6 (carrier-free) 57080210 µg
amino acids Pro29-Met212 (Accession # NM_000600)57080425 µg
E. coli. 570806100 µg
570808500 µg
Recombinant Human IL-15 (carrier-free) 57030210 µg
amino acids Asn49-Ser162 (Accession# NM_000585)57030425 µg
E. coli. 570306100 µg
570308500 µg
Recombinant Human IL-21 (carrier-free) 57120210 µg
amino acids Gln30-Ser162 (Accession# NM_021803)57120425 µg
E. coli. 571206100 µg
571208500 µg
Recombinant Human IL-23 (carrier-free)57410210 µg
Human IL-23 consists of two subunits linked via a disulfide bond: P19 (Accession# NP_057668: Ala21- Pro189) and P40 (Accession# NP_002178.2: Ile 23-Ser 328)
insect cells
Recombinant Human M-CSF (carrier-free) 57480210 µg
amino acids Glu33-Ser190 (Accession# NM_172212.2)57480425 µg
293E cells574806100 µg
574808500 µg
Recombinant Human TGF-1 (carrier-free) 58070210 µg
amino acids Ala279-Ser390 (Accession # NM_000660)58070425 µg
CHO cells.580706100 µg
Recombinant Human TNF- (carrier-free) 57010210 µg
amino acids Val77-Leu233 (Accession# NM_000594)57010450 µg
E. coli. 570106100 µg
570108500 µg

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