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제목 Biorbyt 한국대리점- New) TR-FRET ASSAYS KIT
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바이오클론Birobyt한국 독점 대리점으로
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** Product Type **

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Neuroscience & Cancer & Cardiavascular

바이오클론㈜는 Biorbyt의 한국독점대리점이며, 2015년부터 정부의 화학물질 등록 및 평가 등에 관한 법률(화평법)에 의해 모든 화학물질을 한국환경공단에 신고, 허가하에 안전하게 수입, 공급하고 있습니다.


Biorbyt TR-FRET Cellular Phosphorylation Detection Kits - designed to detect specific phosphorylated or total proteins in cell lysate samples using a simple, homogeneous TR-FRET assay. These rapid and sensitive assays monitor pathway activation or inhibition in both adherent and suspension cells. They represent a robust and reliable alternative to more conventional methods such as Western Blot, ELISA or bead-based assays.


lHomogeneous, add-and-read assays; no wash steps
lReady-to-use kit: all required reagents included
lMore robust, convenient and faster than WB or ELISA
lSite and signal pathway-specific
lWorks with many cell types
lCompatible with most TR-FRET compatible plate readers

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