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제목 Biolegend 한국대리점 - Recombiannt Protein(h IL-23 등)출시
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Biolegend New Recombiant Protein 출시

Recombinant Human IL-23 (carrier-free)

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Cat No. 574102, 574104, 574106

Source : Human IL-23 consists of two subunits linked via a disulfide bond: P19 (Accession# NP_057668: Ala21- Pro189) and P40 (Accession# NP_002178.2: Ile 23-Ser 328). Human IL-23 was expressed in insect cells.

Activity : ED50=0.4 - 2.0 ng/ml, corresponding to a specific activity of 0.5 - 2.5 x 106 units/mg as determined by mouse splenocyte IL-17A secretion, which is induced by hIL-23 in a dose dependent manner.


Recombinant Human RNF43-Fc Chimera (carrier-free)

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Cat No. 771202, 771204, 771206, 771208

Source : Human RNF43, amino acids Glu43-Val1199 (Accession # Q68DV7) with a C-terminal human IgG1 Fc tag was expressed in CHO cells.

Activity : When human R-Spondin 3 is immobilized at 0.5 µg/mL, human RNF43 binds with EC50 of 20 – 80 ng/mL.


Recombinant Mouse HVEM-Fc Chimera (carrier-free)

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Cat No. 771302, 771304, 771306

Source : Mouse HVEM, amino acids Gln39-Val307 (Accession # Q71F55) with a C-terminal human IgG1 Fc and 6-His tag was expressed in 293E cells.

Activity : When mouse BTLA is immobilized at 1.0 µg/mL, mouse HVEM binds with EC50 of 25 – 100 ng/mL.

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