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 Density Gradient Medium

Cat No. 426201(250ml), 426202(500ml)

- ready-to-use,

- Filtered
- endotoxin-tested

Diagram showing whole blood cell separation using Lymphopure™. Blood is diluted with saline buffer and carefully layered over the medium in a conical tube, avoiding disturbing the interphase. Following centrifugation, at the appropriate speed with no braking, well-defined phases can be observed: 1-plasma, 2-interphase with mononuclear cells, 3-centrifugation medium, and 4-erythrocytes and granulocytes. Cells of interest can be aspirated from the interphase.
      Lymphopure™   Competitor Product     Cells Only
Forward and side scatter profile of human lymphocytes after peripheral blood centrifugation with Lymphopure™ (left), an equivalent product (middle), or no separation (right, lysed blood).

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