Webinar: Proteogenomics and TotalSeq™; Getting Started With CITE-Seq

Description: BioLegend is committed to developing unique tools to advance precision medicine and biomedical discovery. In this webinar, Dr. Stephen Hague of 10x Genomics starts by introducing single-cell gene expression with Feature Barcoding technology and multiomic cytometry. In the second section, Dr. Carsten Wiethe of BioLegend demonstrates how our TotalSeq™ suite of reagents takes single-cell analysis to the next level by providing unprecedented multiomic data at single-cell resolution. TotalSeq™ reagents are carefully formulated to enhance reproducibility and maximize the value obtained per data point. CITE-Seq, powered by TotalSeq™ DNA-barcoded antibodies, is used to detect proteins in a quantitative, sequencing-based readout. In the third section, Dr. Niels Vandamme of VIB Ghent University demonstrates how immunophenotyping of cells is possible with an almost limitless number of markers in combination with unbiased single-cell transcriptome analysis. He explains the basic method and concept, shares tips and tricks on how to get started as a new user, and highlights single-cell data analyses workflows for CITE-Seq.